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Yet without the key which the Qabbalah supplies, the spiritual mysteries of both the Old and the New Testament must remain unsolved by Jew and Gentile alike. The Sephirothic Tree consists of ten globes of luminous splendor arranged in three vertical columns and connected by 22 channels or paths. The ten globes are called the Sephiroth and to them are assigned the numbers i to The three columns are called Mercy on the right , Severity on the left , and, between them, Mildness , as the reconciling power.

The columns may also be said to represent Wisdom , Strength , and Beauty , which form the triune support of the universe, for it is written that the foundation of all things is the Three. The 22 channels are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to them are assigned the major trumps of the Tarot deck of symbolic cards. Eliphas Levi declared that by arranging the Tarot cards according to a definite order man could discover all that is knowable concerning his God, his universe, and himself.

When the ten numbers which pertain to the globes Sephiroth are combined with the 22 letters relating to the channels, the resultant sum is the number peculiar to the Qabbalistic Paths of Wisdom. These Paths, occasionally referred to as the 32 teeth in the mouth of the Vast Countenance or as the 32 nerves that branch out from the Divine Brain, are analogous to the first 32 degrees of Freemasonry, which elevate the candidate to the dignity of a Prince of the Royal Secret.

Qabbalists also consider it extremely significant that in the original Hebrew Scriptures the name of God should occur 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. In the English translations of the Bible the name appears 33 times. In the mystic analysis of the human body, according to the Rabbins, 32 spinal segments lead upward to the Temple of Wisdom--the skull. The four Qabbalistic Trees described in the preceding chapter were combined by later Jewish scholars into one all-inclusive diagram and termed by them not only the Sephirothic but also the Archetypal , or Heavenly , Adam.

According to some authorities, it is this Heavenly Adam, and not a terrestrial man, whose creation is described in the opening chapters of Genesis. Out of the substances of this divine man the universe was formed; in him it remains and will continue even after dissolution shall resolve the spheres back into their own primitive substance.

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The Deity is never conceived of as actually contained in the Sephiroth, which are purely hypothetical vessels employed to define the limits of the Creative Essence. Adolph Franck rather likens the Sephiroth to varicolored transparent glass bowls filled with pure light, which apparently assumes the color of its containers but whose essential nature remains ever unchanged and unchangeable.

The ten Sephiroth composing the body of the prototypic Adam, the numbers related to them, and the parts of the universe to which they correspond are as follows:. It must continually be emphasized that the Sephiroth and the properties assigned to them, like the tetractys of the Pythagoreans, are merely symbols of the cosmic system with its multitude of parts.

The truer and fuller meaning of these emblems may not be revealed by writing or by word of mouth, but must be divined as the result of study and meditation.

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In the Sepher ha Zohar it is written that there is a garment --the written doctrine-which every man may see. Those with understanding do not look upon the garment but at the body beneath it--the intellectual and philosophical code. The wisest of all, however, the servants of the Heavenly King, look at nothing save the soul--the spiritual doctrine--which is the eternal and ever-springing root of the law. Of this great truth Eliphas Levi also writes declaring that none can gain entrance to the secret House of Wisdom unless he wear the voluminous cape of Apollonius of Tyana and carry in his hand the lamp of Hermes.

The cape signifies the qualities of self-possession and self-reliance which must envelope the seeker as a cloak of strength, while the ever-burning lamp of the sage represents the illumined mind and perfectly balanced intellect without which the mystery of the ages can never be solved. The Sephirothic Tree is sometimes depicted as a human body, thus more definitely establishing the true identity of the first, or Heavenly, Man-- Adam Kadmon --the Idea of the Universe.

The ten divine globes Sephiroth are then considered as analogous to the ten sacred members and organs of the Protogonos , according to the following arrangement. Kether is the crown of the Prototypic Head and perhaps refers to the pineal gland; Chochmah and Binah are the right and left hemispheres respectively of the Great Brain; Chesed and Geburah Pechad are the right and left arms respectively, signifying the active creative members of the Grand Man; Tiphereth is the heart, or, according to some, the entire viscera; Netsah and Hod are the right and left legs respectively, or the supports of the world; Jesod is the generative system, or the foundation of form; and Malchuth represents the two feet, or the base of being.

Occasionally Jesod is considered as the male and Malchuth as the female generative power.

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The Grand Man thus conceived is the gigantic image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream, with head of gold, arms and chest of silver, body of brass, legs of iron, and feet of clay. Concerning the emanations from Kether which establish themselves as three triads of Creative Powers--termed in the Sepher ha Zohar three heads each with three faces--H. Thus we obtain three trinities, each contained in a 'head. The forty concentric circles shown in the large circular cut in the preceding chapter are here arranged as four trees, each consisting of ten circles.

These trees disclose the organization of the hierarchies controlling the destinies of all creation. The trees are the same in each of the four world but the powers vested in the globes express themselves differently through the substances of each world, resulting in endless differentiation. These three form the first trinity or 'face' of the Sephiroth. The first 'Head' is called the Intellectual world; the second 'Head' is the Sensuous, or the world of Perception, and the third is the material or Physical world.

Among the later Qabbalists there is also a division of the Sephirothic Tree into five parts, in which the distribution of the globes is according to the following order:. This is the Holy Ghost, from whose body the generations issue forth. Being the third person of the Creative Triad, it corresponds to Jehovah, the Demiurgus. The Lesser Face is properly symbolized by the six-pointed star or interlaced triangles of Zion and also by the six faces of the cube.

It represents the directions north, east, south, west, up, and down, and also the first six days of Creation. In his list of the parts of the Microprosophus, MacGregor-Mathers includes Binah as the first and superior part of the Lesser Adam , thus making his constitution septenary. If Microprosophus be considered as sexpartite, then his globes Sephiroth are analogous to the six days of Creation, and the tenth globe, Malchuth, to the Sabbath of rest. This is the divine Eve that is taken out. The above diagram has been specially translated from the Latin as being of unique value to students of Qabbalism and also as an example of Robert Fludd's unusual ability in assembling tables of correspondences.

Robert Fludd ranks among the most eminent Rosicrucians and Freemasons; in fact, he has often been called "the first English Rosicrucian. It is significant that the most important of his works should be published at the same time as those of Bacon, Shakespeare, and the first Rosicrucian authors. Having demonstrated that the Qabbalists divided the universe into four worlds, each consisting of ten spheres, it is necessary to consider next how the ten spheres of each world were arranged into what is called the ''Sephirothic Tree.

The ten numbers plus the twenty-two letters result in the occult number 32, which, according to the Mishna , signifies the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom. Letters and numbers, according to the Qabbalists, are the keys to all knowledge, for by a secret system of arranging them the mysteries of creation are revealed. For this reason they are called "the Paths of Wisdom. There are four trees, one in each of the four worlds established in the preceding chapter. The powers and attributes of this Tree are reflected into each of the three lower worlds, the form of the Tree remaining the same but its power diminishing as it descends.

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The Trinity Explained

Feb 11, Natalie Corrigan rated it it was amazing. Probably one of the most enlightening reads I have engaged upon in some time. On one level, the authors attempt to explain the Divine Trinity of Christianity, and in my opinion do a decent job of making clearer what most me included! They also compare various trinity ideas throughout the religions, including Eastern, pagan, and many other non-Abrahamic faiths. They even come at the trinity through the back door of quantum physics, which the analytical mind ate up Probably one of the most enlightening reads I have engaged upon in some time.

They even come at the trinity through the back door of quantum physics, which the analytical mind ate up like chocolate. Not that this read is anti-spiritual, anti-faith in any way, shape, or form. While it is true that their views on organized religion would challenge many, the connections they showed here and the suppositions made are meant to strengthen our connection to Source, not detract.

I know it did mine!

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As well as better mold what my idea of the trinity really is to me. To one not willing to look past the confines of their own beliefs, this book will likely come as a challenge. Yet it may also serve to strengthen their faith as well, and quite possible encourage knowledge and tolerance into practices and faiths unknown. We learn the most from that which we oppose, and this book is full of such opportunities.

However, there is a reason why one can find this book in the metaphysical section: boiled down, it is a formula for creation, both in the macrocosm and the microcosm. In places, it may read like 'The Secret', and I feel as if this book serves as an evolution to the Law of Attraction movement.

A healthy evolution, for the authors bridge many faiths here and help dissolve the barriers built between. As an advocate for Oneness, this is one of the reasons why I have given the book 5 stars. The other is how it helped me on a personal level, not only in further knowing the unlimited creative potential each moment can bring, but also in understanding the Holy Spirit concept and how important it is whether an idea will live Or not. Truly a gem for new age thinkers and old ones too!

An alchemy of the mind in which we can all benefit from. Thank you, Marie and Larry for your hard work, and blessed be all of you! View 1 comment.

The Trinity Secret The Power of Three and the Code of Creation

Apr 09, Simmonsmry rated it it was ok Shelves: bookpleasures-reviews. I was initially drawn to this book because of its title. In the Introduction, their dashed-off description of a flat, lifeless, cold, and distant Triune God certainly did not jive with my experience or teaching.

This is not the God with whom I am in relationship. This is not the God I read of in the Bible or learn about and encounter in worship.